Monday, 25 January 2016

Not updated for a while but a few pics of recent Swims and Ski Trips 

Friday, 11 April 2014

So far so good

Nick Beer 10 k went well on what was a fairly grim day wind and rain , very pleased with 14th overall overall and age group win in 37 mins . Bolton Hilly marathon was both hilly and a marathon was pleased with 3.22 6th overall and second age group really nice race nearly all trail on some nice tracks

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Otillo 2014

This has to be my most exciting race I have ever done , Our team Onoda applied with our detailed CV for the race organisers to consider us and with both of us sitting in front of the computer we found out we were one of three British teams chosen to represent the UK. 
It took a rather insane (and sadistic) Swedish mind to come up with OtillO or "Island to Island". The race takes place in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden in September every year, racing as a team is compulsory so Tin aka Onoda and I will race as a team of two race together, literally from...island to island. Swimming? Running? You think you could do that, huh??? We will have 75kms to cover - 65kms running and 10kms swimming...and wait, it's on a single day!we will be prepared and will have to be competing against teams from the most fierce military personnel on the planet like the US Navy Seals or special German force operators for example!So look out for us running in our wetsuits and swimming in our shoes 

Endurance Life Anglesey Ultra 

18 January 2014

This is costal trail ultra over a fairly tough terrain it is just a shade over 34 miles with 3500 feet of climb . 
It was a truly gruesome day waking up early with the trusty VW camper rocking around in the wind and hearing the rain lashing against the windows was not shure it was going to be my day . The course was well flooded in places with some ankle deep mud , knee deep sea water at Rhoscolyn bay and waves breaking over the causeway at Treaddaur bay .All in all a good day out with third place in a time of 4.49 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2013 so far

Were do I start its been a funny sort of a year for sport with a bit of everything thrown in to list the events

Its been so far
Liverbird Marathon 1st overall two days
This is two day event with a Marathon on 31/12 and a another over same course day after
Frostbite 50 decided to one lap because of Snow

Seville Marathon 2.52.37
Haworth Hobble 5.50.54
Liverpool Half Marathon 1.21
Blackpool Marathon 2.56
London Marathon 2.59
Transvulcania 12.33  356 out of 982

Excalibur Marathon 4.11.09 2nd place 1st Vet
Comrades Marathon 87 k (double marathon ) 8 hours 18    799 out of 20,000

Cross the Bay Half Marathon 1.28 1st Vet
West Highland way Race 100 Mile 23 Hours
Lancaster Marathon 3.25 2nd Vet

Chill Swim Coniston 5.5 mile

Hoylake 10k 5th in 36.50
The Brutal Ironman race 16.11 for 11th place

Chester Marathon  time of  2.58.28
Snowdon Marathon time of 3.12.52

Beacons Ultra 6th year in a row
Good Placing in 9th place in 7.22 a PB

New Years Eve marathon Liverpool 2.58

Been a fairly quite year now must get on this blog again for 2014 , Happy new year everyone and good luck in whatever you do