Saturday, 1 February 2014

Otillo 2014

This has to be my most exciting race I have ever done , Our team Onoda applied with our detailed CV for the race organisers to consider us and with both of us sitting in front of the computer we found out we were one of three British teams chosen to represent the UK. 
It took a rather insane (and sadistic) Swedish mind to come up with OtillO or "Island to Island". The race takes place in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden in September every year, racing as a team is compulsory so Tin aka Onoda and I will race as a team of two race together, literally from...island to island. Swimming? Running? You think you could do that, huh??? We will have 75kms to cover - 65kms running and 10kms swimming...and wait, it's on a single day!we will be prepared and will have to be competing against teams from the most fierce military personnel on the planet like the US Navy Seals or special German force operators for example!So look out for us running in our wetsuits and swimming in our shoes 

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