Friday, 26 February 2010

He is behind you ! oh no he isnt !

No significance in the title apart from the fact just got back from very good pantomime , Feeling good had great week little concerned that I weigh less than I have weighed in last ten years lost nearly a kilo in last month ! like a extreme fat fighters ! no big deal could not have eaten any more if I tried and I guess less to lug around. Looking forward to tomorrows run going to the peak district for thirty miler with that crazy Rich B even if it means yet a other early start , he should be doing the event he done the training !
Need as many followers as poss now in the run up to the start on March 12th ,every follower is another reason not to give up when every bone in body says stop , tell your friends family whoever to sign up it makes sense I promise some good pics and hopefully witty comments don't worry I will remind you again and remember it is free I am not even looking for sponsorship
This should make you laugh

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