Friday, 12 March 2010

Eagle Plain

Finally here at Eagle Plain Yucon Canada ,it is hard to describe how isolated this place is the nearest petrol station is 250 miles away ! it gives you an idea the weather here is calm and not to cold around minus 14 but apparently only 40 miles away, where I hope to be around 7 pm, it is 50 mph winds and a temperature of minus 40 with wind chill. Anyway that's what I am here for . Really excited now to get started at 8.30 am tomorrow that's about 4.30 pm UK time . So I guess this is the last post for a while. follow me on the spot, see the link in links, and Helen's sister Ruth will be looking after updates from now on. I must mention any schools following me, Kingsmead in Hoylake UK and Woodbine in Calgary Canada thanks for your support

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  1. Best of luck Richard, girl i work with just asked if i saw that guy on the news who is doing the mad race. So showed her your blog, she was impressed...