Monday, 15 March 2010

towards Tsiig

Day 4 of the race today and the racers are heading towards Tsiigehtchic. Martin, the race organiser, has posted race reports on the main race website (see link in top left) so check them out for some good detail.
The few hours before arriving at Fort McPherson were probably the most challenging so far for Richard having had over 48 hours with barely any rest or nutrition - oh, and having travelled 120 miles on foot in that time. Having helped Richard pack his 'food' I am not a bit surprised that he is having trouble eating it!!!

I have been sent a few photo's from earlier in the race - the scenery looks amazing.......

Richard on day 1, crossing into the Arctic Circle

Wright Pass at sunrise, Richard passed here at 5.30am. It is the border of the Yukon and North West Territories in the Arctic Circle

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