Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Have arrived in Whitehorse with a marked change in weather with it being colder and windier than Calgary so a little more in the spirit of the race still a lot further north to go another 500 miles so a lot more chance of extreme weather . Met at the airport by Martin race organiser and looking forward to tomorrows safety checks when we all go out on frozen lake and demonstrate that capable of setting up bivvy and boiling up water . The secret weapon will also be unveiled tomorrow ..............


  1. just watched you on itv.com granada reports. Paul a bit worried how a tyre is going to keep you warm!!!
    good luck and keep smiling
    Debbie Paul and Ella

  2. Hi web also just watched you on itv.com granada reports looks like an Icetastic challenge great to see you, best of luck try to keep the hungry horses at bay!(pack the hoy tin special)
    steve t.