Thursday, 24 June 2010


The historic Dee Mile was first swum in 1922.

There was an eight year gap during and either side of the Second World War, then another brief hiatus in the nineties but, apart from these, it has been one of the first items to appear on the river diary each year.

The race has several idiosyncrasies.

It starts at the Red House, which is actually white.

You swim downstream, around the Crook of the Dee to finish at the suspension bridge. You might think that this distance would be a mile – No! It’s actually a mile and a quarter.

Being all downstream, the course times vary considerably. They depending on the seasonal flow, as can be seen from the times recorded.

The winning men’s time has varied from the record 20 minutes 44 seconds to 33 minutes 25 seconds!

I finished in a time of 35,57 nearly exactly the same as last year so no training for swimming has paid off the water was a balmy 20 degrees with little or no flow

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