Saturday, 31 July 2010

Third time lucky

The start of the annual Mersey river swim , an historic race across the river Mersey in the traditional style of no wetsuits . The Mersey being a fairly difficult swim due to the tide running at around 8 knots and being the UK not that warm . A total distance of around 1.8 kilometres

After two previous attempts were I made it across but just ended 500 meters to the wrong side of the I was glad to be able to finish in the correct place and was not to cold so was well happy with a time of just over 30 mins then at the end there was a one kilometre run it was a pity it was just one kilometre had it have been forty i would be certain of a podium finish

A big thanks to all the people who came down to watch and of course the race organiser who has to put on what its a very difficult race to make certain its safe for all the competitors and a special thanks to Nicole and Veronica for the banner , all in all a good afternoon

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