Sunday, 29 January 2012

Frostbite 50

After a very eventful journey nearly 6 hours to Whitby for the start of the Yorkshire Ultra a 50 mile off road ultra (actually 51) with 4700 ft of climbing .
An 8 am start at least gave us ( Rich Brown , Nick Holt & Guy ) a chance to get some sleep after our journey , the start was fairly cold around 2 degrees with a stiff wind blowing from the North Sea . Starting from Whitby Abbey the route took us along the very scenic undulating coastal Cleveland Way to Robin Hoods Bay . After check point 1 we followed a very pleasant cinder path for about 4 miles only spoilt by being bitten on the bottom by a dog and being told to F off by its owner when I complained ? .


After the cinder path we turned inland with a short steep climb towards the radio mast at Ravenscar . Then crossing the A171 check point 2 over onto the North Yorkshire Moors towards RAF Flyingdales were the terrain of the moors was extremely challenging with mud and knee deep water slowing our earlier progress we made a 20 mile loop with checkpoint 3 in the middle visited twice and then re tracing our steps towards Whitby Abbey and the finish .Overall winner came in 8.40 second shortly after with Rich Brown third in 8.55 me in 4th in 9.10 a massive 2hours 20 improvement on last year ( it did help not getting lost )Nick and Guy in in 11.35 well done to all the finishers in tough conditions


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  1. Awesome Richard!I'm getting to the point of looking for another 250km staged race...also got my eye on Himalayan 100 miler which should be relatively easy except for the altitude as it is a staged race.