Friday, 5 March 2010

7 Days Today the big day

Only 7 Days to go every day now flying past . A little concerned now about charges for excess baggage , this can not be anything to with all the excess stuff on the principal "that might be use full " and "there is nothing worse than being hungry " the blame lies firmly with the amount of gifts I taking for the Searl family in Calgary for kindly looking after me both before and after the event .Work is good and a big thanks to Jimmy , Ross & James for looking after things in my absence although Jimmy needs to pick up his Marathon training only a few weeks left now before he embarks on the London marathon . The weather looking very favorable at moment but hey loads can happen in a week


  1. Good luck Ritchi. Really hope everything goes OK for you. Will be following you all the way. Guess the lake doesn't seem so cold now! Jane

  2. Best of luck rich, look forward to granada reports tonight and the famous tyre.