Monday, 1 March 2010

Watch out George Clooney

Or should I say George of of George and Mildrid , Pleasant surprise today when I got call from ITV news asking whether they could cover my story , they going to film tomorrow .More trye dragging today , and yesterday first time on indoor bike for a while riding at 5% more power than ever ridden before over an hour so must be doing something right .The picture of competitor last year just a reminder of just how warm its going to be feeling good and ready to go .


  1. Not long now Rich. Morocco must seem like an age away. Let us now when you are on telly. Best of luck and will be following all the way to finish line

  2. We don't all have issues, honest!Mr Patch & I are going into training tonight.Good going superman, stay away from the Kryptomite.Your totally sane brother!