Thursday, 8 September 2011

UTMB 2011
Since the first year, it has been called “the race of all the superlatives” A complete tour of the Mont Blanc Massif, passing through 3 countries: France, Switzerland and Italy, the race that every runner should finish at least once in their life.
Le tour of Mont-Blanc, starting from Chamonix, with 166km, 9,500 metres of positive height gain, and in semi autonomy.

A Mountain race, with numerous passages in high altitude (>2500m), in difficult weather conditions this year sub zero temperatures and snow then bright sunshine
Crossing Col du Bonhomme by moonlight. At sunrise, crossing Col de la Seigne into Italy and the magical Val Veni overlooked by Noire du Peuterey and the glaciers descending Mont Blanc. reaching the Val Ferret, guarded by Dent du Géant and Grandes Jorasses before finally turning into Switzerland to relish the beautifully protected countryside.
The race its self turned out to be every bit as punishing as i thought the star due at 6.30 pm was posponed until 11.30 pm causing some concern as to the distinct possibility of missing my flight home ! . starting in the pouring rain that continued most of the night with snow at sunrise and through part of the morning on the high altitude sections after after entering Italy and heading down into Courmayeur the sun came out making the day altogether better . Heading out of the main checkpoint at Courmayeur after a little drama made good progress before the second sunset and heading up to the highest peak the col Ferret were with the wind it was well bellow zero and scary cold .After a long slog through the night with many hallucinations caused through lack of sleep made the next major checkpoint at Champex Lac heading out of champex at day break it was a tough slog to make the finish after a grueling but exhilarating

Start 23:28 Chamonix

CP 1 Delevret time of day 01:59:01 Position 749 elapsed time 1hour 27

CP 2 Saint Gervais time of day 02.56 elapsed time 02:25 position 701

CP3 Les Contamines time of day 03.53 elapsed time 03.53 position 585

CP4 La Balme time of day 05.29 elapsed time 05.29 position 559

CP5 Refuge Croix du Bonhomme time of day 07.38 elapsed time 07.06 position 613

CP6 Les Chapieux time of day 08.26 elapsed time 07.55 position 646

CP7 Col de la Seigne time of day 10.56 elapsed time position 685

CP8 Lac Combal time of day 11.44 elapsed time 11.44 position 731

CP9 Arête Mont Favre time of day 13 .14 elapsed time 12.43 position 814

CP10 col Checrouit time of day 14.07 elapsed time 13.36 position 866

CP11 Courmayeur time of day 15.05 elapsed time 14.hour 34 min position 904

CP12 refuge Bertone time of day 17.50 elapsed time 17hours 18 min

CP 13 refuge Bonatti time of day 19.21 elapsed time 18.50 position 940

CP14 Arnuva time of day 20.41 elapsed time 20.10 time 20.41 position 941

CP 15 Grand Col Ferret time of day 22.32 elapsed time 22 hours position 876

CP16 La Fouly time of day 00.39 elapsed time 25hours 10 mins position 857

CP17 Champex time of day 05.04 elapsed time 29 hours 35 min position 845

CP18 Martigny time of day 09.37 elapsed time 34hours 8 mins position 823

CP19 Trient time of day 12.04 elapsed time 36hours 35 min position 811

CP20 Catogne time of day 14.03 elapsed time 38 hours 34 mins position 784

CP21 Vallorcine time of day 14.53 elapsed time 39 hours 24 min position 722

CP22 Argentière time of day 15.48 elapsed time 40 hours 19 min position 661

Finish Chamonix time of day 17.23
Final time 41:55:02
Position 624 out of 2500 starters
Cat postion 295

A great improvement in finish position towards end of race so well pleased after what was a tough 42 hours
Good Video of race

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